December 2012,

Hi, MirrorStore here, we will like to announce that RM7 per pair promotion has ended on 02/12/2012.

The new price list is :

1 pair = RM20
30 pairs = RM10 per pair
100 pairs = RM9 per pair
200 pairs = RM8 per pair
500 pairs = RM7 per pair

Postage price :

West Malaysia : RM6 for first 10 pairs lens [ additional RM3 for every 10 pairs]
East Malaysia : RM10 for first 10 pairs lens [ additional RM5 for every 10 pairs ]


Please email to mirrorstore2@hotmail.com for more info.

Thanks and Have a nice day.


Hi everybody , it's been quite a long time we did not update our Blog.
We'll like to take this opportunity and give a fabulous offer to our long loyal customers of mirror store.

Effective from today ( 10.9.12 ) :
All the lenses with/without degree will be selling for RM7.
Yes without minimum order , and our product is 100% authentic from Korea unlike those who claims from Korea but most of the stocks are from China . If there is proof that our lens are from china we will close down immediately.

Your eyes are too precious for fake lenses , with the new price there is no reason to buy from night market or other unreliable sources

Happy Shopping girls :)

  August 2011,


Hi to all of you, many of our customers complain about the dryness that Geo lens will bring when wearing it. After 4 years of selling Geo Lens, we have decided to remove it from the product list start from today. After a special pick during our recent Korea trip. We decided to choose ColourZoom as our next product.

We choose ColourZoom because we'd tried many different brand before decide our next product and ColourZoom gave us the best wearing experience and also offer good design.

Because we import a lot of ColourZoom lenses, so we decided to offer agent to any of you who interested to start selling lens or for those who already selling lens.

What we can offer to our dealers/agents are:

1)Best price. At least 30 pairs a month , each pair is RM10.
  The more you sell the more the discount. For starter we won't be strict.
2)Order counted in monthly basic. Your customer do not have to wait.
3)Good customer service. We will offer you best quality service, any order or inquiry will be respond near immediate.
4)Direct postage to your customer. We only charge you RM4 for west and RM8 for east. We will use Kangaroo courier.
5)Catalog will be provided [you have to pay for the cost].

Please email mirrorstore@hotmail.com and let us know your:
B)Monthly sales (pair)
c)Contact number
d)Website/Facebook [if you have]

Please let us know if we could assist you further.

Thanks for the support and have a good day :)

June 2011


Hi to all MirrorStore customer.
Firstly we would like to apologize for the lack of stock now.
Many of our customer are experiencing out of stock situation.
That is because we are going to clear off out current stocks [ Geo / Vassen ]
And will direct take stock from one of the big manufacturing company from Korea.
By then we will have our own Mirrorstore OEM brand.

With this, all of you can enjoy benefit such as:
1) Cheaper retail price.
2) Agent price as cheap as taking stocks from Korea directly.
3) Free shipping.
4) Loyalty privilege.
5) All brand new designs from Korea.
6) Better quality of contact lens with more water content and DIA.

Please register your interest as an agent at mirrorstore@hotmail.com with
Monthly sales ( pair ):

Thanks for the support and have a good day :)

APRIL 2011,

Announcement : !!! NEW PROMOTION !!!


1~5 pairs :
1tone RM20
2tone RM22
3tone RM24
Extra RM26
Animation RM34

6~10 pairs :
1tone RM18
2tone RM20
3tone RM22
Extra RM24
Animation RM32

11~20 pairs :
1tone RM16
2tone RM18
3tone RM20
Extra RM22
Animation RM30

21 pairs & Above :
1tone RM14
2tone RM16
3tone RM18
Extra RM20
Animation RM28

Promotion last until further notice. Hurry up and grab yours before it is too late:)

February 2011,

MirrorStore is looking for model :
Event will start in March 2011

If you want to participate and make your picture as our model picture , please send us your picture with the following instructions :-

1) You must be holding our name card in the picture because it is open for our customer only .
2) You must state the model code of lens that you are wearing.
3) You must let us know your name and contact number and location.
4) Winner will be calculated based on the number of "likes" of the picture but terms and condition apply.
5) Participant may got their entry rejected if the picture involves in too much editing as we need to have a clear sight of the eyes.

Winner and selected participants will enjoy RM300 and cash vouchers.
Please send the pictures along with the details to mirrorstore@hotmail.com .
We are waiting for you :)



For payment made from today 8/1/11 onwards.

1) For order above five(5) pairs of Contact Lenses will receive one lens case for every pair.

2) For order above ten(10) pairs , they are entitled to receive one lens case for every pair and also a pair of lens from Vassen for free.

Promotion last until further notice. Hurry up and grab yours before it is too late:)

Vassen Instock for RM24 , all 14.5mm. Now promotion for RM22 until further notice. Thanks for supporting MirrorStore :)


13 New Geo Xtra lens model at 15.0mm:
~only for plano, 0 power/prescription.
~In stock , receive in 2 working days.

EFFECTIVE FROM 22th NOVEMBER 2010.Postage rate had changed to :

1 to 10 Pairs :
RM8 for West
RM12 for East

11 to 20 Pairs :
RM12 for West
RM18 for East

21 to 30 Pairs :
RM16 for West
RM24 for East

31 and above :
free shipping !

*Not applicable for pre-order wholesale


MirrorStore is Back ! Thanks for the continuous support, We had gave out free lens cases per pair of lens bought for customer who made their payment on 25th September 2010 to 6th October 2010, we expanded the date so that more customer could get the benefit. We even got some freebies including cute mirrors and keychains and randomly put in for customer who made their payment in this period , so congratulation for those who receive and for those who didn't receive , hopefully next time you can be lucky enough.

I'll bring in Hana Lens in the coming month so stay tuned.

Have a good day :)


ANNOUNCEMENT [1 week earlier announcement ] : We are unable to deliver out goods from 27th of September 2010 to 5th of October 2010 , we will be away for the period , all orders and emails will still be reply ( but maybe slower ) , and we will like to giveaway a piece of free lens case for every pair of contact lens you buy during the period . So payment made from 25th of September 2010 to 5th of October 2010 will receive a free lens case for every pair they buy [ only eligible for those who made payment on that period, not order on that period ]. Hope that all of you who support us will wait in this period . We will most probably bring in a new lens from Japan with the name HANA lens in October/November 2010 out of this trip. For those who couldn't wait, please give us your order and made your payment before 23th of September 2010 so I can send it out while I could. We are here to apologize for any inconvenience caused , Thanks for the long term support and We appreciate it. Have a nice day :)

MirrorStore wishes everyone Selamat Hari Raya, drive safely and have a nice trip during this festive season ~ Do introduce us to your relatives and friends if they ask about your lovely color eyes :) Thanks for the support !

JUNE 2010,


I've added a few Ready stock items into MirrorStore which is ;
**Product from Mirrorstore are 100% imported from Korea, you can verify Geo Lens with anti fake sticker and Skin79 product at any Skin 79 store near you.

1)CH-627 ( 14.00MM , 0 degree only )RM22 [Click Here]

2)XCM211 ~ XCM215 ( 14.8MM, XCM-211 ~ XCM-213 has 0 degree only )RM24 [Click Here]

3)XCH621 ~ XCH625 ( 14.8MM, XCH-621 ~ XCM-623 has 0 degree only )RM24 [Click Here]

4)SKIN79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple  Function (HOT PINK) 40g RM45 [Click Here]

5)SKIN79 VIP GOLD collection Super+  Beblesh Balm 40g RM45 [Click Here]

6)SKIN79 DIAMOND Collection The prestige  Beblesh Balm 40g RM52 [Click Here]


MAY 2010,

A great hi from Mirrorstore,

We will like to announce that there will be new lens from Geo Lens selling in next month.

This will be included a pink lens as well.

Besides, we will also bring in some BB cream from Skin79 from price as low as 30~50% from the market.

Hope you guys will like it , stay pretty ladies!

MARCH 2010,

MirrorStore would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

Currently MirrorStore is selling ready stock of Geo lens and Super Nudy.
MirrorStore will add more product in a bargain price if there are demands from customers.

The next product we might add are:

   1) Mask
   2) BBcream
   3) Clothing

So please vote for it if you wish MirrorStore to sell it.